Policies for Spectators

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January 29, 2013

Mobile Device Policy
Mobile devices are allowed onto tournament grounds. Please see below for some guidelines that must be followed while at the tournament.

What defines a mobile device?
• A device that can send/receive calls and/or a device that can send/receive data.

Mobile device code of conduct:
• Device(s) must be on silent at all times.
• Calls may be placed or received in Event-approved designated areas only (see on-site signage).
• Data use (i.e. texting, e-mail, etc.) will be permitted in all locations; however, it is NOT permitted as players are in position to compete (i.e. when marshal's arms are raised).
• Audio or video capture is NOT permitted at any time.
• Still photography is permitted on Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY.
• Still photography is NOT permitted at any time during competition (Thursday- Sunday).
• Any/all violations of this policy may result in immediate removal from the tournament. At a minimum, violators of the policy will have their device(s) confiscated at the patron's risk until his/her departure.

Autograph policy:
Please do not ask team members for autographs on course during play.

Inclement Weather Policy
Golf can be played in the rain. Therefore, in the event of questionable weather, play is still on unless you are provided information that play has been suspended. If, however, potentially dangerous weather is detected, warnings will be broadcast on all the electronic leaderboards and video boards which are located both on and off the golf course. These warnings are intended to notify spectators before play is suspended, and to provide sufficient time for them to proceed to a sheltered area. Suspension of play occurs with one prolonged blast of an air horn, repeated once. All attendees should take cover immediately. Resumption of play occurs with two short blasts of an air horn, repeated once. In the event of dangerous weather, please avoid the following: bodies of water, hilltops/high places, open fields, telephone poles, grandstands, tall/Isolated trees, metal or wire fences, metal stakes and golf carts.

Youth Ticket Policy
Youth 12 and younger are admitted free of charge with an accompanied, properly ticketed adult. Limit one child per adult. Youth 6 and older are not permitted into hospitality areas without a hospitality ticket.

The following items are NOT permitted on the golf course:
• NO Noise producing Electronic Devices
• NO Cameras and/or Camcorders
• NO Bags or Carry Items sized larger than (6"x6"x6") -- all items subject to inspection
• NO Signs, Posters and/or Banners
• NO Televisions and/or Radios
(Devices purchased or obtained at event excluded)
• NO Food and/or Beverage
• NO Containers and/or Coolers, Including Esky's
• NO Pets
• NO Bicycles
• NO Ladders
• NO Folding Arm Chairs or Lawn Chairs
• NO Boxes and/or Milk Crates
• NO Weapons
of any kind (regardless of permit, including but not limited to firearms or knives)

You will be asked to return prohibited items to your vehicle prior to entering the tournament grounds or alternatively check the items at our cloaking facilities for a nominal fee. Please be prepared to submit yourself and personal items for inspection.

Golf Etiquette:
• Stay quiet and stand still when players are about to hit the ball.
• Hands in the air means stop and be quiet while golfers are playing their shots.
• Do not cross fairways, except for areas designated as crossover areas.
• To allow for better viewing for all, please be considerate of others and kneel or sit down whenever possible.
• For your safety and the safety of others, please follow the directions of the tournament marshals.
• Please observe the instructions of the gallery marshals and stay behind the ropes at all times. Please dispose of trash in the receptacles provided throughout the golf course.

Spectators will be removed immediately without warning for:
• Refusal to obey quiet signs or signals.
• Distracting or embarrassing a player.
• Making rude, vulgar or other inappropriate comments or gestures toward a player.
• Booing or cheering at inappropriate times.

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